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Train Station Slip Resistance Testing

Train station platforms are regularly inspected by an independent slip testing company such as Surface Performance Ltd. Platforms are tested using slip resistance pendulum equipment in order to determine that they achieve a PTV (pendulum test value) of 36 or above. The slip test value must achieve a result of 36 or above in both […]

Slip Resistance Testing of Walkways and Bridges

Pendulum slip resistance testing is carried out to the surfacing installed on pedestrian walkways. Testing is carried out in accordance with HSE guidelines for slip resistance and is performed in both dry and wet conditions. Surface Performance recently carried out pendulum slip testing to a footbridge in London, however we also offer slip resistance testing […]

Pendulum Slip Testing in Hotels and Kitchens

Slip resistance testing is carried out in hotels and kitchens in order to ensure the safety of end users. Slip testing in commercial kitchens is particularly important as these are confined spaces and the flooring is prone to contamination which will increase the risk of slips and accidents. Slip testing in kitchens is carried out […]

Slip Testing of Access Ramps and Disabled Ramps

Surface Performance Ltd are experts in the slip analysis and pendulum slip testing of disable ramps and building access ramps. Our slip testing laboratory in London are able to test and certify your products prior to them being installed on site. Our research and development team are able to advise you on slip resistance guidelines […]

Slip Testing for Architects

Surface Performance Ltd provide pendulum slip testing services to architects and building design engineers throughout The UK. We have carried out slip resistance testing in London, Brighton, Bristol, Bath and Swindon for clients wishing to determine the slip resistance value and pendulum test value (PTV) of surfacing products prior to installation on site. Slip testing […]