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Onsite Slip Testing VS Lab Slip Testing

In practice, you will always find that there is a discrepancy between the slip resistance testing results that are found in the lab, and those that are found on site. Mostly, it is found that flooring materials or tiles have a lower slip resistance when they have been installed, when compared to that which they […]

To Slip Test or not to Slip Test

There are many tasks that business owners must attend to when they are setting up their businesses to become profitable operations. One of the issues that they should bear in mind is the safety of all those who enter the business premises. Business owners, by law, are responsible for the safety of all their employees […]

The Top Tips to Preventing Slips and Falls

If after slip resistance testing you find that your floor is safe, you can further enhance this safety by including some of the tips listed here in your business. Use appropriate shoes – ask all your employees to wear shoes that have high friction soles, preferably rubber. If they are working in an environment that […]