The places that must be secured with an anti Slip Rating

The Places That Must Be Secured With An Anti Slip Rating

I guess on a jinxed day, the slip and trip accident can occur just anywhere.  Well, then I felt a strong urge to understand “Where do most slip and fall accidents take place?”  The reason why I wanted to understand the venues where such accidents take place is obviously to warn our readers to be a bit extra cautious at such places. Moreover, I was wondering which of these premises can be made safer or would have anti slip rating. Read more

Practical Tips to Avoid Slip and Trip Accidents

Practical Tips To Avoid Slip and Trip Accidents

We have already seen how the British pendulum skid resistance test works. Apart from getting the floor surface tested for an anti slip rating from independent slip testing services, I have compiled a list of some really sensible and practical tips that will help employers ensure that there is no chance of slip and trip accidents in their premises. Read more

Slip Resistance Safety Regulations

Slip Resistance Safety Regulations That Employers Must Know

I have always been a strong advocate for the importance of slip testing (in London and throughout the UK), and recently I came across some figures that I felt must be shared with all employers.

The other day I was visiting a friend of mine and I could not help but notice that he was having issues at work. On inquiring, he told me that his secretary had slipped, fell and is now on paid leave. To make the matters worse, he was anticipating that she might go ahead and sue his law firm. Read more