How The skid resistance test saved a London based shopping centre

As independent slip testing services in London and a member of UK slip resistance group, we see clients get the skid testing done in London for various reasons. I recall an interesting incident that happened just a few months ago.

While I was at a shopping centre, I overheard a man who appeared to be completely baffled. His words were so angry. His rage had practically turned his face all red. He was standing right in the middle of one of the most crowded shopping centres in London. I am so sure many other would have witnessed his rage and the pathetic situation he appeared to be in. Read more

What if wet floor

What if wet floor’s PTV is not 36+?

While for a home or for a small office, in case the wet PTV is not 36+, the risk of slip and trip accident is comparatively low. Yes, we cannot say that no slip and trip accident would take place, however, the chances are defiantly low. However, for places that get hundreds of visitors on daily basis, it would mean a disaster. Read more

Why am I stuck with pendulum slip resistance test new

Why am I stuck with pendulum slip resistance test

I have been time and again stating that being an owner, employer or a manager the law mandates you to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors, patients and customers, etc. in your premises from all slip and trip accidents and injuries. Yes, it is a criminal offence if you are not able to prove that you have kept your floors safe via pendulum slip resistance test in London and across the UK.. Read more