Tile / flooring slip resistance independent testing (HSE pendulum slip testing)

Surface Performance offer a full laboratory slip testing services to manufacturers of tiles and other surfacing products.

Tiles can be tested for slip resistance in the Surface Performance Ltd accredited laboratory in order to ascertain their slip resistance performance values. Slip testing is performed in both dry and wet conditions in three slip test pendulum swing directions. The test results are then used to produce a slip resistance test report specifically for your tile or surfacing product that demonstrates that the product meets HSE guidelines.

The process is very simple, a small sample of the tile should be delivered to our pendulum slip testing laboratory and clearly identified with your company name. After the tile is booked into the laboratory then one of our qualified slip testing engineers will perform the pendulum slip test to the tile in our temperature and humidity controlled area. A test report will then be issued and we will also be happy to discuss slip testing results for tiles over the telephone should you require further advice.

Slip resistance testing performed in the laboratory to samples of bathroom flooring tiles.

Slip resistance testing performed in the laboratory to samples of bathroom flooring tiles.

If you would like to book a tile into our laboratory for slip resistance testing then please contact us and we will be happy to help. The Surface Performance laboratory phone number is 0208 2465562.





Road and Pavement Slip Resistance Testing (pendulum slip testing)

Surface Performance Ltd perform slip resistance testing to roads, pavements and highways throughout the United Kingdom.

Pendulum slip testing is performed on motorways, highways and roads in order to determine that they are fit for purpose and safe for users. We also offer a slip resistance expert witness service in the unfortunate event that an accident has occurred on a walkway or road due to poor surfacing conditions.

Slip testing is a cost effective and scientifically efficient method of determining surface safety. The test method used can either be “The UK slip resistance guidelines”, or BS 7976.

Slip resistance pendulum testing being performed to a road junction in London, UK.

Slip resistance pendulum testing being performed to a road junction in London, UK.

Surface Performance Ltd offer road and highways slip resistance testing throughout The UK. We also offer a laboratory testing service from our accredited facility in London, UK.

Pendulum slip testing can be carried out in Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Durham and Crewe. Our technicians also offer slip resistance testing services in London, Leicester, Loughborough, Newcastle and Exeter.

If you require any further information about slip resistance testing that is not available on www.slip-testing.com then please contact us.

Airport Slip Resistance Testing (pendulum testing)

Surface Performance Ltd have just completed the slip resistance pendulum testing of the hangar flooring at Gatwick International Airport.

Testing was completed as part of Gatwick’s ongoing risk management policies.

For more information on slip resistance testing and pendulum slip testing please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Pendulum slip testing performed at Gatwick Airport.

Pendulum slip testing performed at Gatwick Airport.


Supermarket flooring slip resistance testing (Pendulum slip testing)

Surface Performance – The Slip Testing Company have recently completed the slip testing assessment to a large supermarket chain in The UK.

Testing was carried out by the supermarket chain operators as part of their due diligence and risk assessment policies using the pendulum slip tester in accordance with HSE guidelines.

For information on slip resistance testing (PTV) please contact our London head office on 02082465562 and we will be happy to help.

Slip resistance testing performed for a major UK supermarket chain

Slip resistance testing performed for a major UK supermarket chain


We offer slip resistance and pendulum slip testing in accordance with HSE guidelines throughout The UK. Slip resistance expert witness services are offered from our head office in London. However we also have pendulum slip testing technicians located in Hampshire, Southampton, Hastings and Portsmouth.

Surface Performance have specialist slip testing technicians located throughout Scotland and offer a comprehensive skid resistance service in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, Sterling and Aberdeen.

Please contact us for more information.


Why you need pendulum testing

If you are the owner of a commercial building, you may be wondering why you need pendulum testing and why it has to be done on a regular basis. Well, there are certain facts that you need to know about this particular method of testing your floors.

Pendulum testing will save people in your building

A lot of people pass through your building, and all of them trust that your floors are safe. They do not all wear the same kind of shoes, but with pendulum testing, you are able to get a safe zone for all foot traffic. You may have heard news of the dangers of falling on hard slippery floors, such as marble. The pain caused or injury could cause someone to be crippled for life, or lose their life. When you do the pendulum testing, you are protecting everyone who passes on those floors.

Pendulum testing will save you from a costly lawsuit

Apart from the health benefits of pendulum testing, you will be protecting yourself from a potentially crippling lawsuit. If you cause someone to be harmed by not testing your floors, then you are liable for their pain and suffering, and the compensation could drive you out of business. So when you are doing pendulum testing, you are protecting yourself and your investors.

Pendulum testing is very accurate

You may not know, but the material you built your floors with was probably tested for slipperiness at a lab, and came with a label declaring it safe for use. However, conditions in the lab are very different from those on the site. Remember that the material gets worn down after many pass on it, and may have become slippery in the process. Pendulum testing is done on-site and therefore mimics the actual slipperiness at the site. Nothing is taken back to the lab. This is why it is considered one of the most accurate of all slip testing methods.

At this point you should note that the pendulum is pushed across a floor that is sprayed with water, which means that your floors get a pass, even in wet conditions, such as rainy days, or an accidental spill. This is why the accuracy of this test is highly considered in the industry.

Pendulum testing is not expensive

Some of the lab testing methods or slip testing methods are cumbersome, involve the use of heavy machinery, and can be costly when compared to pendulum testing. With this method, the pendulum can be carried and operated by a single individual. It means that several areas of your building can be tested without affecting the normal flow of foot traffic. This means that your work will not be affected. And the simplicity of the whole methods eventually works out into a simple and less costly method of testing your floor – this is why you can easily afford to have it done regularly.

Call us now and we shall come and perform pendulum testing on your floors and make sure that your floors are safe for all.