Have you experienced slipping in your bathtub or flooring and broke your arm

Have you experienced slipping in your bathtub or flooring and broke your arm

 A Few Basic Facts About Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing

Did you ever consider that missing “anti slip rating” is as good as providing a resource to slip and fall?

One of the utmost common accidents that happen all over the world are slip, trip and fall accidents. Since they are so usual, what we assume it “its common”. However, what we need to understand is that it is the deficient anti-slip treatment that has lead to the slip and fall accident. Obviously and always negligence leads to trouble. It is important to learn from others mistakes and keep all accidents at bay. Accidents can be fatal too and more than you can imagine, slip, trip and fall accidents often are fatal.. Read more


Contain contamination to avoid slip and fall mishaps (part-ii)

When trying to avoid contamination from causing slip, trip and fall accidents, external factors such as impact of weather cannot be ignored. Skid resistance testing in London and across UK helps all the premises owners in securing anti slip ratings. UK slip resistance group has been helping people via independent slip testing services in achieving anti slip ratings to keep their premises safe for all kinds of visitors.. Read more


Types and uses of different types of tribometers

Tribometer are essential used in manufacturing sector. The main application of a tribometer is to compute tribological quantities.

The tribometer instrument is picked by the specialists for testing the friction strength and the constant friction strength. It helps determine the wear volume between two different surfaces that would rub together. Hence, to determine the friction strength between the floor and footwear, the UK slip resistance group employs tribometers.. Read more


Should you go for Aesthetics or Install Tiles that are Practical

One industry that has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years is floor treatment industry that makes floors anti slip. Interestingly, one reason behind this tremendous growth is the increasing number of fraudulent insurance claims made by victims of slip and fall. There are also attorneys ready to fight the cases of victims, assuring them of no fee until they win compensation. This growth of anti slip ratings in floor industry is also fuelled by manufacturers who believe in creating visually stunning floors, overlooking the aspect of safety of the people.  Their only motivation seems to be to impress potential clients even if this beauty comes at a high risk of slip and fall accidents.. Read more


Are Slippery Floors Driving you Mad during rainy season

The increasing rainfall and snow experienced by the people across UK in the last few years suggests that one should think along the lines of getting floors exposed to the elements treated to make them less slippery. There are many chemicals available in the market that can be applied as coating on the floors to render them slip resistance. There are also available marble, granite, porcelain tiles, and terrazzo that can be used as options for slip resistance of the floor. It takes only a short time to apply these products over an existing floor and the time can be determined by carrying out test in a small area of the floor.. Read more