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If you are in the London area and are interested in learning more about the slip testing process or would like to book in a slip test then please use the form attached below. Did you know that in The UK, every three minutes someone is injured as a result of slipping on an unsafe floor. The majority of these accidents occur in London as this is the largest city in The UK.

It is therefore essential that if you run a London based office, restaurant, public space, train company, train station or any type of area that has pedestrian traffic that you carry out a slip pendulum test.

Slip testing in London is carried out in line with The UK slip resistance guidelines that also meet The HSE standards for slip resistance. As a professional independent slip testing laboratory based in London, all slip tests are carried out on floors in both dry and wet conditions in various pendulum swing directions. All of our slip testing equipment that is used in London is regularly calibrated by the British Standards Institute user United Kingdom Accreditation Service* conditions specifically for the pendulum skid tester (Munro model).

Our London slip test technicians are fully trained by the skid tester equipment suppliers and verify that the rubber slip sliders are conditioned prior to any testing taking place. You can see the slip testing training certificates for our London slip testing staff here:

This is the correct practice for carrying out slip testing in London as specified by The UK slip resistance group. Surface Performance Ltd can also offer a laboratory slip resistance certification service for flooring samples. You can send your samples to our temperature and humidity controlled laboratory in London and we will carry out a laboratory pendulum slip resistance test and micro roughness testing. You can use the test report to prove to your customers that your product meets HSE slip resistance requirements.

We offer a service to lawyers and solicitors in London that are dealing with slip claims as a result of poorly maintained floor surfaces. We will carry out a pendulum slip resistance test in London for you in order to verify if the surface was a contributing factor towards any unfortunate accidents that have happened.

Surface Performance LTD is the UK’s leading independent slip testing service provider. We use the latest pendulum slip testing equipment, which is able to identify the slip resistance values of any flooring type required with reports available within 48 hours. Please contact us using the London slip pendulum test contact form below.

Please note that we are the only UK based slip testing company with our head office located in London.

*Surface Performance are accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service for both laboratory and site testing. Our schedule of accreditation can be found here. Please note that slip testing is not within our scope of ISO 17025 accreditation.

Please contact our London head office for slip pendulum testing on 0208 2465562 if you would like any informal advice on floor slip resistance requirements.

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