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Polished concrete contractors – Slip testing is a must

Polished concrete contractors and designers have a responsibility to ensure that the floors that they design and lay are safe for people to walk upon. Slip testing of these floors is a must. There has been an issue about the standard slip test for polished concrete, but now there is good news – There is a test that can be used to measure the slip risk of these floors. This method has been accepted by the industry and protects contactors from slip accident litigation. Read more


Slip Trip and Fall Compensation for Supermarkets without Anti Slip Ratings

Year on year the slip trip and fall accidents are ascending in and around the Supermarkets. To keep the floor hygienic, they keep the mopping process ongoing continually. However, if they would let the contamination of the gloss flooring just be, it would be a bigger risk. Is effort to keep the floor clean enough to ensure safety of the visitors of the premises?

Certainly not! It is mandatory conduct pendulum slip resistance test and to secure a slip test certification from testing resistance services that are a part of the UK slip resistance group. Read more