Types and uses of different types of tribometers

Tribometer are essential used in manufacturing sector. The main application of a tribometer is to compute tribological quantities.

The tribometer instrument is picked by the specialists for testing the friction strength and the constant friction strength. It helps determine the wear volume between two different surfaces that would rub together. Hence, to determine the friction strength between the floor and footwear, the UK slip resistance group employs tribometers.. Read more


Slip Trip and Fall Compensation for Supermarkets without Anti Slip Ratings

Year on year the slip trip and fall accidents are ascending in and around the Supermarkets. To keep the floor hygienic, they keep the mopping process ongoing continually. However, if they would let the contamination of the gloss flooring just be, it would be a bigger risk. Is effort to keep the floor clean enough to ensure safety of the visitors of the premises?

Certainly not! It is mandatory conduct pendulum slip resistance test and to secure a slip test certification from testing resistance services that are a part of the UK slip resistance group. Read more

Man Fallen on Wet Floor

How to avoid slip, trip and fall accidents at any premises

As slip, trip and fall is the reason for more than one third of all the major injuries that have been reported, it is something that must be taken seriously by all the premises owners, irrespective of the type of the premises. 95% of all major slips injuries result in broken bones. Slippery floors are a much serious hazard to anyone present on the premises including your staff as well as the visitors alike.. Read more

How Damages are Assessed in Slip and Trip accident

How Damages Are Assessed In Slip And Trip Accident Cases

When lawyers get a slip, trip and fall (personal injury case), after reviewing the treatment reports of the plaintiff, they study the similar case and case verdicts.

Usually when a claim is raised due to negligence in maintenance or non availability of anti slip ratings obtained via of the pendulum slip resistance test in London, it calls for a massive compensation on part of the management.

Personal injury compensation is a package that comprises of reimbursement of various real expenses and many intangible circumstances.. Read more

What happens in Case of Slip and trip accidents

What happens in Case of Slip and trip accidents?

Slip testing in London is a legal norm that must be conducted on annual basis. The test is conducted using British pendulum tester by the independent slip testing services based in London. Kindly, take a note that independent slip testing services London must be a part of the UK slip resistance group. The Pendulum Test Value (PTV) received from pendulum slip test equipment must be 36 or above for you to be safe.. Read more