Understanding Slip Testing and Why it is Necessary

Slip testing is a method that is used to ascertain the safety of floors in most commercial buildings and homes. Most accidents that occur in workplaces and public places are mainly due to tripping, slipping and falling. When correct measures are used by the owners and constructors of these laces, these accidents can be reduced considerably. Floor slip testing has played a great role in reducing the number of accidents that occur in these environments. The tests help in identifying and managing the wear and tear of a floor, any cleaning residues or contaminants. The floors have to be certified in order to ensure that they are safe for walking on. Read more


Who Benefits from slip resistance testing?

Slip resistance testing is quite a new science for many, especially the general public. Before you walk into a mall, you should know that a lot of testing has been done on the floor materials to ensure that you are safe from falls that could land you in hospital. Slip resistance testing does not only benefit those who walk upon the floor, but even the building owners and the contractors. We will explore why this is the case. Read more


Accident Legal Suit – How a slip testing expert comes in

Whenever a slip accident suit is taken to court, an independent and true assessment of the floor and other factors has to be done by a slip testing expert. This expert is experienced in all matters related to slip resistance of a floor and will be able to give expert witness testimony in court, showing why and how the accident happen, so the court can decide on who is liable for the accident. We have experts who are available to give such expert testimony in an unbiased and professional manner. We also provide a CPR compliant report, which can be used by either party in their arguments. Read more