Laboratory Testing

Surface Performance Ltd operate a UKAS accredited laboratory facility at our Sunbury on Thames headquarters. The laboratory is temperature and humidity controlled in accordance with ISO 291 (non tropical countries and is fully accredited to undertake slip resistance testing to both BS 7976-2 and The UK Slip Resistance Guidelines.

Through our accredited testing facility, we are able to test your products against recognised standards and provide full UKAS accredited test reports. We offer a slip resistance product testing service to various sectors of the surfacing industry and can test products such as:

  • Hard Flooring
  • Disabled Access Ramps
  • Shower Trays
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Tiles
  • Anti Slip Matting
  • Metal Walkways
  • Decking

Our laboratory testing service is utilised by surfacing manufacturers worldwide as a means to independently validate their surfacing systems before placing them in the marketplace. We are also able to extend our services to provide assistance with product development for manufacturers and we can work closely with you to assist during the product development phase.

A video of the testing process can be can be viewed by watching the video below

It is important that slip resistance testing of surfacing products is carried out by a laboratory that has UKAS accreditation specifically for BS 7976 and to The UK Slip Resistance Guidelines. You can read more about the benefits about UKAS accredited testing here.