Glass and Glossy Floor Material Testing

Surface performance provides UKAS certified lab testing for glass and glossy floor materials.

We follow national slip resistance guidelines in line with BS7976 as set by international ISO standards and guided by the UK slip resistance group.

    Niche architects use glass flooring to make a marvellous design, but the slip and fall hazard levels can be high. The roughness of the glass surface provides and determines its slip resistance coefficient . Cleaning products may also cause slip and fall hazards. 

    Based on years’ of experience, we test glass floors for multiple scenarios for slip resistance testing to certify the glass floor as “safe”. Apart from glass, we also conduct tests on other glossy flooring materials such as Resin, Porcelain, PVC, and plastic. 

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      Benefits of the glass and glossy floor testing

      Glass and Glossy Floor

      Architect’s preference

      Niche architects prefer to utilise glass and glossy material while designing properties to come up with an aesthetic look. Material with UKAS accredited certification will make your product the first choice of architects and property developers. 

      Set your finishing process

      Glass and Glossy materials require shiny finishing before being released to market. With the help of a slip resistance rating, you can finalise the products with the safety standards in place. 

      Glass and Glossy Floor in UK

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      Who is this Test for?

      Flooring Manufacturers

      Builders and Construction Companies

      Flooring suppliers 

      Architects and Property Developers


      Surface Performance Ltd have been working with us since 2012 on a monthly basis. They provide ongoing assessments relating to the performance and quality of the flooring across all of our sites. Through providing independent and accredited test results, we can manage our internal property development plans and ensure that our liability is minimised

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      We have instructed Surface Performance to carry out slip testing at all of our warehouses that have high foot and vehicle traffic. The flooring is tested after initial installation to check that our contractors have achieved the PTV values that we specify in both dry and wet conditions. Surface Performance are always available at late notice and their reporting time is exceptionally efficient.

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      Surface Performance Ltd have carried out UKAS accredited BS 7976 and UKSRG testing and certification to our entire range of 35 products. We enjoyed a fascinating tour of their laboratory during the process and we cannot recommend enough the professionalism of the laboratory team. We now provide all new clients with copies of the UKAS reports as part of our product marketing literature.

      Decking Manufacturer

      We were delighted with the last minute slip test that we arranged with Surface Performance at one of our London properties following an incident that happened in a canteen area. We were able to demonstrate that the flooring was fit for purpose in both dry and wet conditions through accredited testing.

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        We provide our slip testing services all across the United Kingdom