Expert Witness Pendulum Slip Testing

Have you thought about what would happen if a claim was made against you?

No one wants to think they are in the wrong, so when an accident does happen, and the courts are involved, an unbiased and honest appraisal of the slip resistance characteristics of the flooring should be undertaken.

This is where an ‘Expert Witness’ comes in to play. We are hugely experienced in slip injury claims; Our job is to check exactly what happened using the facts of the case at hand and if and how the accident could have been avoided. We use the pendulum skid tester to help us identify these facts.

Using professional experience, the Expert Witness will then follow up their findings in a CPR compliant report, which can be used by both parties involved.

Where required, the witness will also present the slip test report findings in court and will act as a witness on behalf of either the aggrieved party or the defendants.

So what exactly does a slip testing Expert Witness do?

pendulum slip test Expert Witness, as detailed by the Law Dictionary is essentially a person who testifies on the subject they are an expert in. To be an Expert Witness does not require any formal qualifications, but must be able to prove THAT experience without doubt to the court to qualify. Luckily, Surface Performance Ltd are the UK’s most experienced slip testing company so we can help.

Cost: Is an Expert Witness really needed?

Well, of course, that is up to you, bearing in mind that having an Expert Witness might just save you money in the long term, by helping to prove your case.

Every pendulum slip test carried out is completely impartial and in line with HSE standards, and more importantly, we look into the reasons the reasons why a lawyer has become involved. Having a CPR 35 slip test report could help back up your claim while giving the courts an informative assessment of what happened, and what could have contributed to the accident, saving any other bias witnesses becoming involved.

For more information on this slip testing service and a price guideline, please get in touch with us today by contacting our UK head office on 0208 2465562. We are more than happy to talk you through the process and give prices if applicable.

How the slip injury evaluations are conducted

After fully looking into the facts of the case, the Expert Witness at hand will conclude the findings in an impartial CPR 35 Compliant Slip Test Report, that will comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.

The assessment would include but not be limited to:

  1. Performing a Floor Pendulum Test using HSE permitted apparatus.
  2. Testing the appropriate floor to BS7976-2 and BS13036-4 standards.
  3. Assessing cleaning routines, any risk assessments carried out or accidents declared.
  4. Fully interview staff on their understanding of floor safety and the current guidelines for floor spills.
  5. Investigate any ecological factors like floor corruption and atmospheric circumstances.
  6. Check contributing factors. What is the lighting like? Is there noise disruption or any affecting obstacles?

The Testimony: What the court expects

Based on fact and truthful data, the Expert Witness will provide a reliable account of what happened, including findings and conclusions. These could be in person or in a court approved report.

The court itself will expect the Expert Witness to have used tried and tested methods up to BS standards and explain all findings. This could include the results of the Pendulum Test for example and include room for error if applicable. The data shown must have been gained by using repeatable means well known in a floor slip injury claim.

To be clear; the Expert Witness will be asked to report on the facts only, which can be acknowledged or rejected by a jury. Opinions on fault or blame are prohibited, as this would be down to a jury or judge to decide.

For further reading:

Civil Procedure Rules

Civil Procedure Rules – Practice Direction

Civil Procedure Rules – Practice Direction – Protocol for the Instruction of Expert Witnesses to give evidence in civil claims

We are experts in slip resistance testing and carry out all types pendulum slip tests throughout The UK. We can test floors and surfaces using our calibrated skid test equipment in LondonManchesterBirmingham and Leeds. Our technicians can provide expert witness pendulum slip test reports in Bristol, Swindon, Exeter, Bath and Gloucester. Our slip test equipment is always checked and calibrated by a UKAS calibration lab prior to being used for assessing the slip resistance of flooring in Warwick, Loughborough and Leicester. Our pendulum slip testing operators are trained to carry out slip testing in YorkHarrogate and Watford. Floor resistance tests can be conducted in SheffieldBradfordDerby and Lincoln. We always follow the BS7976-2 pendulum slip test standard when performing tests in Blackpool, Cheshire, Newcastle and Liverpool. You can contact our head office which is based in London on 02082465562 to discuss any floor friction safety slip assessments that you require. We will be able to offer a cheap price for floor slip testing anywhere in The UK.