Slip Testing in Wolverhampton

Surface Performance offers high quality slip testing to the Wolverhampton region. We can test on any flooring type and offer reports within 48 hours of a site visit.

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    Significance of
    UKAS Certification

    The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole accreditation body recognised by Government to assess against internationally recognised slip resistance testing standards such as BS 7976 and The UK Slip Resistance Group.

    Surface Performance Ltd is accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025, which is the internationally recognised standard for the competence of laboratories. We hold slip resistance test methods BS 7976 and the UK Slip Resistance Guidelines within our schedule of UKAS accreditation. It is important to note that some companies may be UKAS accredited; however, they may not have specific accreditation for slip resistance testing.

    UKAS Certified Slip Testing Labs Serving Across UK

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      Paying compensation for slip/trip claims Safety of visitors, employees


      Surface Performance have reduced slip and trip claims by 60% Saved £2.4M

      Site Testing

      Safeguarding visitors,employees and members of the public with fully accredited slip testing.

      We provide thorough and effective UKAS accredited pendulum testing supported by an accurate UKAS report within 48 hours.

      Lab Testing

      Safeguarding your flooring products and systems with our best in class slip testing service. 

      The pre-testing of flooring material across multiple industries, as well as retail customers is a specialism and led by our team of qualified laboratory technicians.


      Need Product certification of tiles


      Show the certificate to sell their products. Reduction of insurance premium : 20% potential savings

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        Surface Performance offers a full spectrum of accredited slip resistance testing services. We comply with industry standards for slip risk assessments, product certification, BS 7976 Pendulum slip testing, and more to mitigate liability.

        Floor Safety

        Material Testing

        Slip Testing

        Pendulum Testing

        Ramp Testing

        Stair Safety


        Receiving an enquiry with all relevant information allows us to assist you


        We make sure you receive the best possible quotation the very same day

        Fix date & Assign Technician
        (within few hours)

        We employ experienced/technically sound technicians who are are fully trained and qualified to test to BS7976

        Attend sites on fixed date (Chosen on Step 3) & Generate Results (Same day)

        The technicians conduct thorough test and bring the lab data.

        Issue the test reports
        (within 48 hours after site testing)

        Issue the test reports We deliver the results within 48 hours of the site visit after analysing the data for all possible scenarios.


        Each inquiry is replied to within 24 hours of receiving it; that’s our policy! 


        With your vital inputs, we generate the best possible quote on the same day 

        Ship the Samples

        Track shipping details provided by you & inform you when the samples arrive

        Sample Conditioning

        Samples are conditioned for 24 hours following UKAS requirements

        Test and Report

        Various lab tests are performed & a test report is issued within 48 hours

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          About Us

          Surface Performance is a leading surface testing laboratory.

          Our in-depth experience and knowledge of flooring systems allow us to offer independent expert slip testing services & advice to our clients. 

          Surface Performance offers a mobile BS7976-2 slip testing service across the UK. All of our test equipment is modern and regularly calibrated. All of our on site slip testing is carried out in line with the HSE guidelines. 

          Site jobs

          Sample tested

          Our Vision

          Safe spaces all across the UK

          Our Mission

          To make all flooring, indoors and outdoors safe from the dangers of slippery surfaces

          Our Team


          Callum has worked in the industry for over 15 years’. He holds extensive experience in UKAS accredited material and slip testing supporting many organisations.

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            (OnSite Testing)

            Warehouses & Factories
            Facilities Management
            Airports, Train & Bus Stations
            Universities, Schools & Colleges
            Office Buildings
            Bridges and Walkways
            Hospitality Services
            Contractors / Architects / Builders / Project Managers / Engineers
            Sports Playgrounds (Cover Cricket, Tennis & Football Courts)

            (Lab Testing)

            Stones and marbles
            Floor and ceramic tiles
            Metal floors and walkways
            Glass floors and resins
            Swimming pool
            Slip and Fall Hazards
            Wood and laminates
            On Site Testing
            Anti-slip products
            Shower trays

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            It is correct that low-cost slip resistance services are available. However, the only slip resistance test results that are credible in litigation are more likely to be the ones that come from the UKAS Certified Labs.

            We are one of the three labs in the UK that hold UKAS certification. Though the low-cost slip testers will give you results, but how dependable are they? This should be considered before investing anything at all.

            Once our technicians have visited your premises and conducted a thorough test, they bring back all the data to the Surface Performance laboratory. Our technical analysts analyse the data for various possible scenarios and prepare the report. The reports are then delivered to you within 48 hours of our technicians leaving your premises.

            There is no definitive guidelines to this, however, a general rule of thumb is to have tests conducted once a year as a minimum, with more frequent tests carried out in high risk, busy environments.

            If there is any chance of anyone visiting the property, or if the property has any such arena that anyone might pass through (even by chance), then we recommend getting the property tested. After all, it is a small investment that keeps you safe from slip, trip and fall claim.

            If you own multiple properties, we would recommend a retainership agreement that will take off the pressure of scheduling which property is to be tested and when. We will provide you with fully auditable reports to ensure you are covered.

            When you employ our services on an ad-hoc basis, it would be a contractual slip testing service. However, most of our clients who initially contacted us for contractual services hire us on a retainership. A retainership agreement for slip-testing services takes the pressure of booking the services every two years off your hands.


            Need more information or have doubts about too much mixed information available on various sites? Here is a list of information that will help you understand various aspects of slip resistance floor testing.
            If you have any doubts, we are here for you. Feel free to get in touch with us via our contact us page.

            What is Slip Testing?

            Floor slip resistance testing is a scientific method of assessing the risk of slip, trip and fall on any flooring surface.

            Why Slip Testing?

            Underestimating the risks and not taking them seriously. Little to no comprehension of the causes

            What is R rating?

            ‘R’ ratings for the floor slip assessment are Ramp Test Rating range of values.

            What is UKAS certification ?

            UKAS certification and UKAS accreditation are both quality assurance process that ensures impartiality and competence

            Why UKAS certified Lab?

            UKAS Accreditation assesses the lab’s competence, impartiality, work compliance with recognised national & international standards



            Surface Performance Ltd have been working with us since 2012 on a monthly basis. They provide ongoing assessments relating to the performance and quality of the flooring across all of our sites. Through providing independent and accredited test results, we can manage our internal property development plans and ensure that our liability is minimised

            Premier League Football Club

            We have instructed Surface Performance to carry out slip testing at all of our warehouses that have high foot and vehicle traffic. The flooring is tested after initial installation to check that our contractors have achieved the PTV values that we specify in both dry and wet conditions. Surface Performance are always available at late notice and their reporting time is exceptionally efficient.

            Amazon Warehouse

            Surface Performance Ltd have carried out UKAS accredited BS 7976 and UKSRG testing and certification to our entire range of 35 products. We enjoyed a fascinating tour of their laboratory during the process and we cannot recommend enough the professionalism of the laboratory team. We now provide all new clients with copies of the UKAS reports as part of our product marketing literature.

            Decking Manufacturer

            We were delighted with the last minute slip test that we arranged with Surface Performance at one of our London properties following an incident that happened in a canteen area. We were able to demonstrate that the flooring was fit for purpose in both dry and wet conditions through accredited testing.

            National Health Service

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              We provide our slip testing services all across the United Kingdom