Are Slippery Floors Driving you Mad during rainy season

The increasing rainfall and snow experienced by the people across UK in the last few years suggests that one should think along the lines of getting floors exposed to the elements treated to make them less slippery. There are many chemicals available in the market that can be applied as coating on the floors to render them slip resistance. There are also available marble, granite, porcelain tiles, and terrazzo that can be used as options for slip resistance of the floor. It takes only a short time to apply these products over an existing floor and the time can be determined by carrying out test in a small area of the floor..

Quarry tiles lend themselves to a coating of grease and soap

Accidents caused by slip and fall are most common inside kitchens and floors of restaurants. The flooring most commonly used in commercial kitchens is called quarry tile. It develops a coating of grease and soap over it with passage of time and becomes slippery. These things fill the pores of the tile surface and then go on to make a surface coating. Such a tile becomes dangerous when wet. Thankfully, there are ways in which the buildup of this coating over the tile can be prevented so as to not allow the tile to become slippery.

You can prevent slip and fall accidents in your premises

According to a recent survey, millions of employees and guests slip and fall over the floors of commercial kitchens and restaurants to seriously injure themselves. This is a number that is worrying for the owners of restaurants all over the country. In fact, the number of slip and fall accidents in restaurants in increasing at a rate of 10% annually. One of the best ways to avoid customers and employees slipping and falling on the floor is to let your floor undergo slippery floor test frequently. Coefficient testing in London and across UK can tell you whether your floor has become less slippery or not.

You can also take many steps on your own to make the floors in your premises free from slip resistance. Consult an expert to know about chemicals that can be applied over the surface of your floor to make it less slippery. In fact hire the services of independent Coefficient testing in London and across UK and know your anti slip ratings. Determine if you need to hire expert services to apply a coating of the right chemical over the floors to render them slip resistance. Hence you can have peace of mind as less slippery floors will prevent frequent slip and fall accidents.