Considering pendulum slip resistance test

Slip testing a standard for all work places

Employers have been shocked when an employee has slipped on the floor and had a bad accident, and they are subjected to a lawsuit for compensation. Do business owners know that they are responsible for floor safety within the workplace? Not many are aware of this, and they only think of other work-related accidents but not slipping and falling. It is important for the management of a business to ensure that proper slip testing is done on their floors for the safety of their workers. Read more

Considering pendulum slip resistance test

Understanding Slip Testing

As you are going through the shopping mall, admiring the glossy surface of the ceramic tiles, you do not know how pendulum slip testing has helped in ensuring that you do not fall and end up spending days in a hospital. Slip testing is the process by which manufacturers get to test the walking surface of flooring materials and ensure that people do not keep slipping and falling. Today, the legal liabilities of any manufacturer, construction company or management of a public building, which does not use proper flooring material – material that has been tested and evidence produced. Read more


The Uncommon Benefits of Slip Testing

When you enter and egress a building, perhaps to meet a friend for coffee or go to your office on a busy day, you hardly pay attention to the deign factors that go into the creation of the flooring material. You simply walk in and pay no attention, until you see a “Wet Floor’ sign put up by the cleaning crew and that is the only time that you will actively think of the slipperiness of the floor. Read more


Half of Businesses do not have Slip-Proof Floors, Study Shows

The CAN Financial Corp, a company that is involved in business insurance, did a study in 2017 and found that most businesses had floors that could not be deemed as slip-proof. The floors underwent some testing and they were found not to meet the criteria laid out in laws and regulations. Many programs designed to prevent falling in the workplace do not seem to work due to this irregularity with the laid out standards. Many companies are trying to change and maintain their floors to avoid slippage, but they are not doing it right. Read more


Do Not Slip Up When It Comes to Slip Testing

During construction of any building, pendulum slip testing is mandatory for a number of reasons. The primary reason is o avoid accidents that will arise out of slipping. In the United Kingdom, one of the leading causes of hospitalization of patients is falling due to slipping on slippery floors. In Australia, there are upwards of 100 hospital stay days per year, and that is quite a significant number. Read more