Understanding slip testing

car park slip testing

Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing of Car Parks

Ensuring Safety in Car Park Areas: The Importance of Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing Car park areas are high-traffic zones that accommodate a constant flow of vehicles and pedestrians. Ensuring the safety of these areas is crucial to prevent accidents and minimise liability risks. One essential aspect of car park safety is slip resistance testing, which …

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Skid Testing

When you walk into a new mall, or a large condominium building, you are amazed by the genius of the architect who did the job. You gape with wonder at the tall arches of the building, the shiny shops, and the shiny floor as well. Even as you wonder about the ingenious of the Architect …

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Slip Resistance Testing and who it is designed for

Introduction Not many people are aware of the term slip resistance testing. It is a term that should resonate with building managers, architects, contractors and cleaning companies. This testing is very important since it can lead to serious injury to innocent people walking on slippery floors. This test is also crucial for areas where oils …

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Slip Testing is Really Important

Shattered Lives is a campaign that was launched a while ago in order to sensitize people to the dangers of slip and trip accidents. It is not the first and will not be the last, but underscore the importance of slip testing in any building, whether residential or commercial.