Who Benefits from slip resistance testing?

Slip resistance testing is quite a new science for many, especially the general public. Before you walk into a mall, you should know that a lot of testing has been done on the floor materials to ensure that you are safe from falls that could land you in hospital. Slip resistance testing does not only benefit those who walk upon the floor, but even the building owners and the contractors. We will explore why this is the case.

The pedestrian

Imagine that you have a group of playful children and they want to run through the corridors, you do not know that they have been protected by the slip resistance testing that has been done on the flooring material, from its development up to its final laying.

The material is tested in the lab to ensure that it will not be slippery. If it is found to be slippery, the manufacturer must find ways to reduce this factor. Some will add some non-slip compounds to the surface to ensure that slippage does not occur, and others may reconstitute the material afresh.

The building owner

The owner of the building also gets to benefit from slip resistance testing. According to the law, if the building owner or contractor does not perform slip resistance testing, and an accident occurs, the owner will be liable for compensation.  Slip resistance testing for your building will cost you less than it would cost should a slip-related accident get to the courts.

All you have to do as the owner or contactor of the building is make sure that the materials used for laying the floor re tested for slip resistance. If they are fund to be very slippery, then there are steps which you can take to ensure that they will be safe for pedestrians to walk across.

Flooring materials manufacturer

The manufacturer of the flooring materials also gets to benefit from slip resistance testing. You can imagine if certain material is found to be dangerous, and you have produced a large amount or have already sold out the materials for the laying of floors. The law suits that could come out of a single accident can be staggering. You may also have to recall materials that are fond to be dangerous for pedestrians to walk across. It is for this reason that any manufacturer should make sure that the materials are tested for slip resistance before mass producing the flooring materials.

Getting a slip resistance company

Now that you know that various parties benefit from slip resistance testing, it is necessary that you know how to get a reputable slip resistance consultant or expert to do the testing. Insurance companies and lawyers have a great list of slip resistance companies that can help you. Contact us now and we shall arrange how we can test the materials used for your flooring. It will save you a lot of costs in the future by saving you from having accidents in your building.