Slip Testing is Really Important

Shattered Lives is a campaign that was launched a while ago in order to sensitize people to the dangers of slip and trip accidents. It is not the first and will not be the last, but underscore the importance of slip testing in any building, whether residential or commercial.

The financial costs

More than 11,000 slip and fall accidents are litigated annually, and this shows that slip and fall accidents cause a major portion of hospitalizations every year. The cost of these accidents is quite high. Costs to businesses have been measured at above £500 million per year, based on the figures which have been officially reported. Some companies have paid large amounts in compensation for failing to prevent slip and fall accidents to employees and the general public. Small businesses have been u tot of operation due to such litigation.

The human costs

One cannot fail to address the human costs of slip and fall accidents. Think of the pain that is felt when the accident occurs, the inconvenience of the productive and social life of the victim, the loss of earnings and in some cases, permanent damage that will last for life, such as paralysis.

The reality

Most of these accidents are preventable as long as slip resistance testing is done and proper measures are taken to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. If proper consideration is given to the assessment and management of the risks associated with slippery floors, a culture will develop that will considerably reduce these accidents and avoid the costs mentioned above.

Campaigns such as “Watch Your Step” have been conducted to ensure that the general public is aware of the danger they face when walking on slippery floors. This is because this has become a very common cause of injury. The campaign also sensitizes contractors, building owners, employers and other parties on the importance of slip resistance testing of the floors.

It s unfortunate that there is no decrease in the number of slip and fall accidents reported each year. The negligence issue is still rife. This is the reason why courts are awarding severe compensation against people who do not take slip resistance testing seriously. The responsible parties should take this very seriously and not just assume that the worst will not happen on their premises.

Contractors need to think of ways n which the traction of the floors that they lay can be improved. Building owners and managers should ensure that all contamination and spills are promptly dealt with. The floors should be cleaned regularly and effectively.

Slip testing should be done on all floors and any required steps be taken to make sure that the floors are safe for all who walk upon them. The general public should also be enlightened about the dangers of slippery falls and not encourage irresponsible walking on them.

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