Slip Resistance Safety Regulations That Employers Must Know

I have always been a strong advocate for the importance of slip testing (in London and throughout the UK), and recently I came across some figures that I felt must be shared with all employers.

The other day I was visiting a friend of mine and I could not help but notice that he was having issues at work. On inquiring, he told me that his secretary had slipped, fell and is now on paid leave. To make the matters worse, he was anticipating that she might go ahead and sue his law firm.

To my surprise, since the launch of the ‘no win no fee’ practice in the legal arena, the number of injury claims due to personnel accidents such as slip and trip at workplaces has gone up in significant amounts.

Due to Health and Safety requirements, executive employers have begun the take the slip test in London and across the UK to its proper value as slip and trip injuries comprise nearly 40% of all fundamental injuries to employees. As a matter of fact, not just employees but also the general public seems to be claiming such compensation against organizations. A report stated that the estimated cost of compensation as a result of injury claims in the UK is costing employers roughly £512 billion per annum.

slip test

As per Health and Safety, each employer is legally obliged to cooperate with regulations and this includes taking precautions against all kinds of personal accidents including slip and trip. Here is a list of a few regulations that must be taken into account by all employers:

  • Health and Safety Work Act 1974 clearly lists the not only employees but anyone who can get affected but to condition of the work place must be kept safe.
  • According to the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 992, the floors must be suitable and free from obstructions as well as in good condition for safety of workers.
  • As per Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers must assess all the risks pertaining the safety of the employees (which includes slips and trips) and must take appropriate action to deal with them where required.

Evidently it is imperative for employers to not only protect their employees but also ensure that the general public stays out of harms way.

Worrying this never solves any issues; therefore we offer these proactive measures that you can take to reduce the probability of slips and trips. Of course, you can always hire us at Surface Performance for independent slip testing services for risk assessment and anti slip rating.