How to Know if your floor Is Anti Slip and Trip Surface

We already know that there are legal implications concerning slip and trip accidents; so here is a list that will help employers measure and manage accident prone zones. It goes without saying, you must identify the zones where the slip and trip accidents are likely to happen.

Testing resistance

Upon enquiring, I have found that the some of the employers that most of my friends recommend have a risk assessment policy. I am really glad to know that at least the top employers consider resistance testing seriously and assessing potential areas for slip and trip regularly. This is done through consistent testing of resistance and assessing the risks from appropriate action taken as a result.

While the large-scale organisation will always have all kinds of measures to keep themselves and others safe, there are financial constraints that is usually the reason why slip testing in London and across the UK, is not taken so seriously. On the other hand, when you weigh the risk of compensation against the investment in safe premises and testing resistance, it is a whole lot more sensible and economic to go ahead and get a clear anti slip rating.

For DIY Project

In order to achieve safety there are several measures needed to be taken. First of all, you will need to be very sure of the specific flooring products. If you are sure, find out from the manufacturers the technical data that is relevant to testing resistance or anti slip rating. One important fact that I must stress here is that the manufacturers (if you are lucky enough to obtain data from them) will only state what the flooring qualifies as. For example, if the manufacturer informs you that the surface is ‘R9’, it implies that the surface will be slippery when it is wet. You will have to infer all the rest on your own. Be smart and draft all your questions beforehand so that you can get all the answers you would need to understand your flooring.

It is important to note that a floor that has slip resistant when wet of 35+ ptv (pendulum test value), is actually a floor that is slippery in wet conditions.

Professional Slip Test

Slip testing in London and across the UK which is done by a professional would give you a better and a clear idea. Moreover, the independent slip testing services would use a pendulum skid tester to deliver the most accurate, trustworthy and official results.

Lets us find out more about the pendulum slip test in London and across the UK, well… soon…