Slip Testing for Architects

Surface Performance Ltd provide pendulum slip testing services to architects and building design engineers throughout The UK.

We have carried out slip resistance testing in London, Brighton, Bristol, Bath and Swindon for clients wishing to determine the slip resistance value and pendulum test value (PTV) of surfacing products prior to installation on site.

Slip testing is carried out using pendulum slip resistance equipment and can be performed either on site or in our environmentally controlled test laboratory in South West London.

Slip testing is an economic method of determining the safety and slipperiness of flooring to ensure the safety of end users. Testing is carried out in three pendulum slip swing directions in both dry and wet conditions. A full pendulum slip test report is then issued within 48 hours after completion of the slip test. The test report is compliant with BS 7976 and The UK Slip Resistance Guidelines.

For slip testing in London, Darlington, Durham, Edinburgh or Aberdeen, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Of course, we also provide testing services throughout the rest of the country.

Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing

Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing

Slip testing being carried out at a building project in Scotland

Slip testing being carried out at a building project in Scotland


The Top Tips to Preventing Slips and Falls

If after slip resistance testing you find that your floor is safe, you can further enhance this safety by including some of the tips listed here in your business.

  • Use appropriate shoes – ask all your employees to wear shoes that have high friction soles, preferably rubber. If they are working in an environment that may have water or slippery liquids, rubber-soled shoes can help them prevent slips.
  • Grind or etch concrete that is smooth – although concrete is not normally slippery, a floor with very smooth concrete should be ground, or chemically etched.

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