Shopping Centre Slip Testing

Shopping centres have a high level of pedestrians and therefore generally there is a higher risk of slips happening. The risk can be managed through pendulum slip testing that should be carried out on an ongoing basis.

Slip testing in shopping centres is carried out in accordance with BS 7976-2 and is performed in both dry and wet conditions by a qualified slip test engineer using a pendulum slip test device such as the Munro or Wessex equipment. Shopping Centre slip testing is generally performed at various random locations throughout the centre in order to obtain the best slip resistance test data for the client. A fully accredited test report is then issued to the shopping centre that presents the results of the slip test and determines if the flooring meets slip test standards for shopping centres as determined by The HSE.

We are able to carry out shopping centre slip tests throughout the UK, in places such as London, Essex, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow. Please contact us directly for further information on shopping centre slip test information.

Slip Test – being carried out at a shopping centre