Food Processing Factory – Slip Resistance Pendulum Testing

Surface Performance are able to carry out pendulum slip resistance testing at food processing factories. Flooring at sites such as food processing facilities are often high pedestrian traffic areas that can be contaminated with residue as a result of the manufacturing process.

We are able to determine if the slip resistance value of the surfacing installed meets The HSE requirements. Slip testing can also be carried out to determine the PTV of the surface while it is contaminated with substances such as flour, grain etc.

Slip testing of food processing factories is carried out in both dry and wet conditions according to BS 7976-2. The slip resistance test is carried out in three pendulum swing directions at each test location and the average pendulum test value is then determined.

Surface Performance regularly carry out slip resistance at major food processing companies as part of ongoing health and safety quality assurance programmes.

Slip resistance testing being carried out at a food processing unit in Peterborough, UK.