Educating the public on slip resistance

The general public does not realize just how serious slip and fall accidents are. According to statistics, they are the second type of accident, next to vehicle accidents, that cause serious bodily harm to their victims. They are responsible for 20% of the disabling accidents reported each year and they are one of the leading causes of fatalities too.

This is why the general public needs to be educated on the risks associated with slippery floors. The first step is to understand the common causes of these accidents.

Common Causes

There are three man causes of slip and fall accidents – environmental, physical and social. These factors are not easily eliminated and this is why proper education is necessary to avoid these accidents.

Environmental factors such as tracked snow, soil, duct, spillages, etc can be alleviated through regular and prompt cleaning when they are found. It is important for cleaning teams to be on-hand at all times to address these environmental factors. The contractors and building managers should also create walk-off areas where soil and moisture is removed from footwear before people walk into the building. The walk-off mats should be permanently laid down since it is hard to predict the weather.

Social factors include the age, footwear, attention, etc, that affect any individual in a building. If someone does not pay attention to the surrounding, he or she may end up slipping on a slippery section of the floor and falling. If there was some water spilled, this could also lead to falls. Social factors are difficult to prevent and it is up to the cleaning crews to pace proper signs showing where there are wet floors. Footwear has also been shown to cause slip and fall accidents, and the general pubic should know the proper footwear to have when walking on slippery floors.

Physical factors include the condition of the floor. This is where slip resistance testing comes in. The floors should be tested and proper measures taken to avoid such accidents. The general public should be aware of the slippage risk of various types of floors. This is a challenging task, but with proper handling and collaboration, the message can be disseminated, making people more careful when they are at the mall or walking on slippery surfaces.

The most effective solution

Educating the public on the slip resistance of floors in public areas is important, but it is also a very difficult task. The most effective solution is to ensure that the floors are not slippery in the first place. It is important for the right flooring materials to be chosen at all times.

In order for proper flooring to be chosen, slip resistance testing is crucial. If the floor has already been installed, then slip testing is a must. Fs and we shall conduct slip resistance testing on your floors and make the necessary recommendations. You will not have any accidents at your premises and will save you a lot of trouble and costs in the future.