Slip testing a standard for all work places

Employers have been shocked when an employee has slipped on the floor and had a bad accident, and they are subjected to a lawsuit for compensation. Do business owners know that they are responsible for floor safety within the workplace? Not many are aware of this, and they only think of other work-related accidents but not slipping and falling. It is important for the management of a business to ensure that proper slip testing is done on their floors for the safety of their workers.

Protect your business by protecting your workers
Business owners are legally obliged to take care of their workers when they are at the workplace and this includes protecting them from slips and falls. This requirement makes perfect business sense. When your worker slips and falls, you lose a productive member of your team for the period he or she will be hospitalized. On the part of workplace morale, other workers will be psychologically affected and will not work at their best. This will culminate in reduced productivity which will affect your business. Any legal issues that may crop up will also affect your workers and their productivity. Slip resistance testing will help you avoid such a situation.

New floors can increase risk of slip and fall accidents
When you have a new floor that is slippery, the new surface could be slippery and this will increase the chances of accidents happening. Slip testing will ensure that a new floor is not slippery and will pose no threat to workers at your business. If the floor is found to be slippery, there are measures that can be takes to reduce slippage risk, as the floor gets used to wear and tear. Probably after people have walked on it for a long time, the slippery nature will reduce and so will the risk. Without skid resistance testing, you can never know the real risk associated with installing a new floor.

Not testing could end up being costly
There was a case where a person fell in a parking lot, several years after it had been constructed. The contractor was served with a heavy lawsuit. Unfortunately, they had not done any slip tests and had become complacent just because there had not been any incident for such a long time. The court found the company liable and they had to spend a fortune compensating the injured person and also changing the floor in the parking lot. Doing a slip resistance test could save you a lot of money in the future.

The next step
Get a professional slip testing company to come and test your floors at this time. The tests do not take a long time, and there will be no interruption of your operations. If the floor is slippery, you will get advice on what can be done to avoid workers getting hurt by falling after slipping. Contact us now for more information on the slip resistance testing options that we have for you.