Slip Testing Contracts Will Save You A Fortune

How do you make sure that your building does not lead you to having a slip and fall lawsuit on your hands? When do you actually get your floors tested? These are questions that you cannot answer properly and the only solution is to get a pendulum slip testing contract. This is an agreement where the testing company will come periodically to make sure that your floors are not slippery.

Who should go for such a contract?
This is not the kind of contract that you get for a residential home, it is the type that should be entered into by owners of commercial buildings, where the foot traffic is quite high. Given the wear and tear of the floor, an area that was safe, could very well become slippery within a short time and require some form of maintenance.

Do the contracts involve maintenance?
Some companies will offer the complete package, where they do the testing, and apply appropriate measures should they deem it right. They may decide that the floor needs replacing, or resurfacing, or they may use less intrusive methods such as using non-slip coatings and chemicals.

What about the slip testing results advertised?
Slip testing results that are done in the lab during the manufacture of the flooring material, and those done during the installation of the floor will not take in several factors that come up when the floor is finally in used. There are four skid tests that should be done before the building is handed over to the owner for business, but these tests do not consider what happens when people use the floor for a few years.

Bad versus unsafe flooring design
Bad flooring will be obvious right from the start, but unsafe flooring may arise out of the use that the floor is subjected to. Imagine a situation where a great floor is suddenly used to host a small party or cooking event. Some of the liquids used may slip into the structure of the floor and alter the physical properties of the material. After such an event, someone may ass by and then slip and fall. With contractual slip testing, such factors are considered and the testers will be on hand to examine the floor after such an event. You only have to let them know about such events so they create a schedule for you.

Not many people this about the savings that they make from having the floors tested regularly. Pendulum slip testing is not expensive and takes a very short time. Such a contract will cost very little compared to what it would cost if you faced a lawsuit from someone who slipped and fell, especially if the accident was avoidable.
Contact us now and see how you can benefit from having a slip testing contract with us. It will make a big difference in the long run, when you consider the safety of the floors in your building.