Slip testing for the home – the most likely areas for slips and falls

Of all the serious or fatal injuries that occur in homes, most of them are due to slipping and falling. There is a large proportion of people getting hospitalized because the slipped and fell in the home. It is common for people not to perform a skid resistance test on the floors of their homes because they think that the home is the safest place they could be. Here we look at some of the high-risk areas of the house that need slip testing.

The bathroom
This is the biggest cause of slip and fall injuries within the home. If you have ever slipped in your bathroom, but luckily did not fall, then you should count yourself very lucky. Most bathroom falls end up with a trip to the hospital, and sometimes they are fatal. Get a slip testing company to give you advice on how to protect yourself from slipping and falling in the bathroom.

The kitchen
This is another area were people slip and fall very much. Most kitchens are fitted with smooth tiles in an effort to keep the area germ-free. A pendulum friction test should e performed on your kitchen floor to determine just how safe it is. When you see your kids running around the kitchen, you need to know that they are safe, and only such a test can reassure you.

The swimming pool
Playing around the swimming pool is quite common and many are not fully aware of the risks they face. Although most swimming areas have cobblestones, there is that area were the tiles stick out, and this is where most slipping occurs. You should have a slip test to see what can be done to reduce the risk of slipping at the pool. It may need the use of special coverings or tape.

The stairs
It is common for people to miss a step and stumble a bit. The material used to construct your stairs could also pose a risk to you, Marble stairs have to be constructed in ways that reduce the chances of slipping. Get a slip-testing expert to determine how safe your stair are, and what can be done to make them safer.

The entrance
Now this is the most unlikely place where people would expect to slip and fall. However, during wet weather or winter, the entry to a home can be very dangerous. Skid resistance testing under these adverse conditions will help you and your family sty safe during those times. There are remedies that can be used to make the entrance to your home safe, even when covered in snow and ice.

Skid testing for your home is something that you should consider. The tests are not expensive and you know that you and your family are safe from slip and fall accidents. Call us now and get more information on how to go about having your house tested.