The Uncommon Benefits of Slip Testing

When you enter and egress a building, perhaps to meet a friend for coffee or go to your office on a busy day, you hardly pay attention to the deign factors that go into the creation of the flooring material. You simply walk in and pay no attention, until you see a “Wet Floor’ sign put up by the cleaning crew and that is the only time that you will actively think of the slipperiness of the floor.

Slip testing offers you a lot of uncommon benefits as you go about your business and daily activities. The here are some of the main ones

Pendulum slip testing takes care of your daily safety
Pendulum slip testing is a common test that is done in the lab and also on-site. It is used to measure how slippery a floor is. When a floor is being laid, the designers and contractors have to buy tested material and perhaps do a test at the site. This is so that you can walk in on a daily basis and never have to slip and fall.

Pendulum slip testing saves you from legal issues
As a contractor or manager of a building, the last thing you need is a lawsuit pulling at your heels. When you have tested the floor adequately, you rest knowing that your floors are safe and the likelihood of a slip and fall accident is quite slim. If you operate a building where you are also slipping just by walking across the floor then you are looking at a big lawsuit against you. Slip testing is necessary to avoid such court cases from haunting you.

Pendulum slip testing ensures quality is maintained
Designers, suppliers and installers of flooring material have to make sure that the material they are using is not only great to look at, but has also passed the slip test. Just like a vehicle is aggressively tested during design, the flooring material that you walk on is also tested when it is being designed and manufactured. Materials that are found to be slippery are then profiled so the rough surface ensures that the floor is not slippery. The profiling is done in a manner that keeps the aesthetic appeal of the material.

All these small benefits are the last things on your mind as you glide along the floor at a mall, hospital, or on any other tiled surface. There are people who work hard to ensure that you can safely visit your favorite haunts, or go to work on a daily basis and not risk breaking your back. It has been found that women are the most vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. Could it be that men wear shoes with higher friction coefficients as opposed to the shoes that ladies wear? Well, thanks to slip testing, these figures are going down. Talk about some of the hidden benefits of pendulum slip testing.