Have you experienced slipping in your bathtub or flooring and broke your arm

 A Few Basic Facts About Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing

Did you ever consider that missing “anti slip rating” is as good as providing a resource to slip and fall?

One of the utmost common accidents that happen all over the world are slip, trip and fall accidents. Since they are so usual, what we assume it “its common”. However, what we need to understand is that it is the deficient anti-slip treatment that has lead to the slip and fall accident. Obviously and always negligence leads to trouble. It is important to learn from others mistakes and keep all accidents at bay. Accidents can be fatal too and more than you can imagine, slip, trip and fall accidents often are fatal..

To understand if you floor is safe for yourself and for the visitors, it is mandatory to conduct pendulum slip resistance tests. As per the law it is mandatory to conduct pendulum friction test annually.

Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing

Pendulum slip resistance test must be performed to understand the risk of accidents. It is necessary to gauge the risk to avert the mishaps else the outcomes are not only disastrous but also costly.

As far as all the commercial places and industrial locations are concerned pendulum slip resistance testing is a must to clearly establish the risk. If the risk is above permissible level and anti slip rating is below PTV 36, in that case application of various treatments can be availed to get the desired outwork them.

Pendulum slip resistance test can be carried out either at the actual premises or within the certified pendulum slip resistance testing laboratory of an agency that is a part of UK slip resistance group.

Where should the pendulum slip resistance test be conducted?

Due to availability of too many flooring options, usually the architects pick the flooring that is visually appealing. If you feel that the floor of any part of your abode is slippery when it is wet, that it is a sign that the floor needs to be tested. It is advisable to conduct pendulum slip resistance test on the flooring of bed rooms, entrance lobby, kids’ rooms, pool deck, restroom and sauna/spa, etc.

Hire the services of independent Coefficient testing in London and across UK and ensure that they are a part of the UK slip resistance group. Know your anti slip ratings. Determine if any part of your floors need to be rendered with slip resistance. Knowing that your floors are not slippery will not only prevent slip and fall accidents but will give you peace of mind as well.

We offer slip resistance testing in locations across the UK such as Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, London and Leeds. Our slip testing service covers Yorkshire, Harrogate, Middlesborough, Oldham and Warwickshire. If you require pendulum slip testing in Oxford, Watford, Milton Keynes, Berkshire or Reading then we can provide a cheap slip test quotation. Our slip resistance testing can be carried out to floors in Coventry, Sheffield, Swindon, Gloucester and Cheltenham. We carry out floor testing as slip testing in Bristol, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Carlisle. If you are in Scotland and require a pendulum slip test performed then please contact us using the form below. Slip testing can be carried out in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen, Livingston, Leith and Midlothian. We can also offer a pendulum slip testing site service in Wales in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Bridgend. Our test reports are issued within 48 hours of carrying out on site slip testing.

Our temperature controlled laboratory is located in London, where we can test flooring samples for their slip resistance properties. Please contact us using the Contact section of the website for further information.