Pendulum slip test can keep elderly safe and homeowners safer

Are you a homeowner? Is your home safe for the older and ageing members? Did you get reliable experts to conduct a pendulum slip test and have you secured the anti slip ratings? Are you sure that your property is safe from slip, trip and fall accidents? If you are not sure, well you might be on the verge of a grave damage.

Just yesterday, I got an urgent call from an old time friend who resides in Leeds. An elderly, who happens to be a tenant in his semi-detached, had suffered a massive injury from slip, trip and fall. While we all sang “and we all fall down” as nursery rhymes, never did we imagine that we actually might slip and fall.

The latest studies conducted by Purdue University, Indiana, US, discovered that humans are clumsy at walking. This causes them to fall and it leads to fatal injuries. However, I am sure that this argument will not stand in the court of law, in case his tenant sues him.

I love my parents and grandparent, do you?

I love my family and it would be absolutely incomplete without all the elderly people in it.

Mishaps happen and they happen a lot. However, people do not just slip and fall because they get older. When a slip, trip and fall accident happens, many other factors could have been involved. Trust me, those other factors are often, evitable!

Ageing is not a crime, but…

Age and the medical condition such as Parkinson’s are strong drawbacks that can lead to imbalance and clumsiness in the walk of the ageing members. The risk of slip, trip and fall increases in multiples if the floor is not safe. Only a safe range of anti slip ratings would help the homeowner keep himself or herself safe. Otherwise, they can be looking at a massive amount of penalty and medical expenses bills.

Isn’t home a safe place?

Yes! Your abode is suppose to be a place where you are absolutely safe. However, a home without door will not make you feel safe. Similarly, if you know that your flooring has safe levels of anti slip rating and pendulum slip test has confirmed your anti slip rating, you will feel much safe!

Slip, trip and fall accidents happen all the time and everywhere. Over 40 percent of these accidents take place at home innocently while performing your daily activities. A person’s living environment can lead to such slip and trip accidents. For the poorly lit stairs may lead to a fall.

A few quick tips to ensure the safety of elderly at home

Apart from getting pendulum slip test done to secure a safe anti slip rating, homeowners must also ensure that

  • There are no loose rugs.
  • There are no chipped floors.
  • Stairs have railings.
  • Bathrooms and wash areas have grab bars.
  • Stairs and garage area have proper lights.
  • Ramps are safe and have grab bars.

A few simple changes in your home will not only make them safer for the elderly members and children but also will give you a happy conscience.


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