Accident Legal Suit – How a slip testing expert comes in

Whenever a slip accident suit is taken to court, an independent and true assessment of the floor and other factors has to be done by a slip testing expert. This expert is experienced in all matters related to slip resistance of a floor and will be able to give expert witness testimony in court, showing why and how the accident happen, so the court can decide on who is liable for the accident. We have experts who are available to give such expert testimony in an unbiased and professional manner. We also provide a CPR compliant report, which can be used by either party in their arguments.

How is such an assessment done in case of injury?

The expert has to go through the circumstances that led to the accident. Was the claimant walking or running? The result should be a fully unbiased CPR 35 compliant report. CPR refers to the Civil Procedure Rules of the court.

The factors that will be assessed by the expert include some of the following:

  • A Pendulum Test is done using HSE approved floor testing technology
  • Assess the floors and how they are cleaned.
  • Assess how many accidents have been reported
  • The tests have to be done to the laid down standards
  • Question staff members in the building about the floor safety management methods that have been used, and how spills are handled.
  • Assess environmental factors surrounding the floor

Once the assessment is done, the findings will be presented in court. Te expert can also be asked by either party to appear in court to explain the report.

Understanding expert testimony

Expert testimony is givens where there are matters that a not easily understood by common knowledge. This means that the Jury or Judge will need to have the maters explained to them in a manner that they can understand.

Expert testimony is given based on facts and accurate data. This will enable the courts to come up with a ruling that is fair and unbiased. The facts and data have to be according to the law so the court can determine whether the defendant is liable or not. In the case of floor slip resistance testing, the expert has to show that rules and regulations were followed or flouted.

The Expert also has to use techniques that are tried and tested and accepted as a standard measure. For most experts, the wet pendulum test is the most common and accurate test of slip resistance. Courts have also taken this test as the standard when it comes to determining a case related to a slip accident.

The Expert will clearly put forth the facts and then give a conclusion based on these facts which can be accepted or rejected by the judge or jury. However, the expert should never give an opinion as to who is liable. That is for the judge or the jury to decide.