Sports Hall Slip Testing

Slip testing is carried out in sports halls in order to determine that the installed sports hall flooring meets the required slip resistance value (PTV).

The pendulum test value tolerance for sports halls depends upon the type of sport that is being played. For example, if the sports hall is being used for netball then the slip test should produce a PTV value of no less than 70.

Slip testing in sports-halls is performed using a calibrated pendulum slip tester. The test can be carried out if the facility owners have any concerns about the traction of the sports hall surfacing. Slip testing can also be carried out if there has been an accident and it is important to determine if the slip resistance of the sports hall meets the required specifications.

If you would like further information on slip testing in sports halls then please contact us and we will be happy to provide more information on our slip test services.

Slip testing of a sports hall – BS 7976-2 & UK Slip Resistance Group Testing