Warehouse Slip Testing

Slip testing of warehouses and distribution centres is an essential part of the health and safety risk management programme. Warehouses have both pedestrian and motorised traffic and it is therefore important to ensure that the slip resistance properties of the installed surfacing is safe.

Slip testing is carried out using either the slider 96 to replicate pedestrian traffic or the TRRL slider that replicates a tyre. The slip resistance testing of warehouses is generally undertaken during the construction phase and also throughout the lifetime of the surfacing at regular intervals.

Surface Performance carry out slip tests at major distributions sites for clients such as Amazon, Royal Mail and Tesco. The warehouse slip test report is issued using our unique slip test application to the client within 24 hours following completion of the warehouse slip test.

We also undertake pendulum slip testing at factories and manufacturing plants. Please contact our slip testing head office for further information.

Slip Test being undertaken at a new Amazon warehouse distribution centre