Pendulum Slip Testing in London

Pendulum slip testing is a crucial safety assessment that is used to measure the slip resistance of flooring surfaces in various environments. This type of testing is particularly important in London, where the climate can be wet and unpredictable, and where slip and trip accidents are a common cause of injuries in public spaces.

Slip and trip accidents can occur anywhere, from public transport stations such as the London Underground to retail outlets such as Westways, and can lead to serious injuries such as fractures, head injuries, and back injuries. These accidents are often caused by wet or slippery flooring surfaces, which can be caused by spills, rainwater, or cleaning products. UKAS accredited Pendulum slip testing in London helps to identify potentially hazardous areas and helps to prevent accidents by ensuring that flooring surfaces meet the required slip resistance standards.

If you have a requirement for pendulum slip testing in London then please contact us and we will be happy to help.