The Places That Must Be Secured With An Anti Slip Rating

I guess on a jinxed day, the slip and trip accident can occur just anywhere.  Well, then I felt a strong urge to understand “Where do most slip and fall accidents take place?”  The reason why I wanted to understand the venues where such accidents take place is obviously to warn our readers to be a bit extra cautious at such places. Moreover, I was wondering which of these premises can be made safer or would have anti slip rating.

While the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 clearly state that the employers need to take care of their premises and keep their employees as well as visitors safe, it is not the work premise that tops the list.

At Home: Ah, I know what you just thought. “What can I do if I slip at my home?” Well, you can claim insurance. If you slip at your own home that happens to be a rented property, your landlord can be held responsible. If he never hired independent slip testing services or secured the premises with an anti-slip rating, you can hold him responsible for not fixing flooring in a secure manner.

One additional place at home (apart from your wash areas) is the garage. It must meet not have improper flooring, lack of light or any such hazard that might instigate a trip and fall.

British pendulum skid resistance test is not just for the employers. It is for all the places that have flooring.

At Work: The next on the list is definitely the workplace.  We have already seen what can be done to keep your employees safe at work for e.g.  safe shoes, regular risk assessment and keeping the floor free of contamination, etc.

Parking: Yes, the improperly positioned wheel stops, deficient lighting and cracked pavements, all can lead to law lawsuit. Hence the building owners and those who are responsible for maintenance of the premises must get British pendulum skid resistance test done and keep themselves safe. I would even say that all the issues that might lead to any kind of an accident must be dealt with on immediate basis to keep everyone safe.

Public Places: Swimming pools, parks, gymnasiums or any other public locations for that matter needs to be maintained by government entities. Failing to grant a safe environment might lead to more than just a lawsuit and can be critical otherwise too.