The Places That Must Be Secured With An Anti Slip Rating II

The next on the list of most likely places where most slip and trip accidents take place and destinations that must be secured with an anti slip rating is shopping spot.

While Shopping
Be cautious of the flooring and ambience when you walk though supermarkets, shopping centers, department stores or any big box stores. While it is not an easy task to maintain the large stores, however a proper floor care system, regular risk assessment and an anti slip rating obtained via British pendulum skid resistance test conducted by independent slip testing services can go a long way in keeping the shoppers, store owners and the store’s goodwill safe.

At Restaurants and Bars
This one personally scares me because a place where people and food are present together it can get messy just anytime. If a child gets cranky and spills a drink, a lady in high heels will not see it coming. I suggest that you be super cautious whenever you are out for a drink or to dine. We all love to have a great time at a restaurant with family and friends but who wants to go ahead and slip there. That is the most terrible spoiler alert.

However, it is better to be safe than sorry and it does go without saying that the same does imply to restaurant, bar as well as the club owners. Be extra cautious with not just hygiene but with safety as well. Immediately clean the spilled food and never forget to mark wet floors with a ‘caution’ sign.

Construction Sites
Any site that is under construction can or under maintenance must clearly put up signs.

Any pathways, sidewalks, and driveways that have cracked or uneven surfaces must get an anti-slip rating. Be extra careful at such sites as they can lead to slip and fall.

Stairs and Escalators
A stairway with loose or no handrails could leave you injured. It is important to note the circumstances of the accident in order to determine which party was responsible for the hazardous condition.

Hotels or resorts
Wet floor, uneven flooring, loose carpeting, cracked or uneven surfaces, well there can be innumerable concerns at a large location. Hotels and resorts must duly comply with the safety norms and British pendulum skid resistance test done by independent slip testing services get as their entire business depends on their reputation.

While business houses need to take care of the safety norms, anti slip ratings and regular risk assessments, it is very much in our own hands to choose footwear with most perfect fit and great grip, after all you can flaunt only if you are safe, what say?