Important Tips Healthcare Facilities To Avoid Slip And Trip Hazard

We all look up to healthcare professionals as semi-Gods. Well, let us be honest, medicine practice is the only profession that is titled as “The Noble Profession”. However, if you look a bit closely, the pressure of the emergency services, super stiff competition to be perfect, to keep up with peer pressure and above all to provide the finest healthcare services to the patients come what may, all put together is part of everyday life of a healthcare service provider. Just a thought of all these put together makes my head spin. Imagine living like that day in and day out.

Club that with a slip, trip and fall. Oh! My sweet Lord! Or imagine, a nurse loses her balance and all the sterilised instruments fall on the floor right before an important surgery.

The very first thought that would go through our minds is – “That is so not done”. I agree.

No healthcare facility should risk their professionals to slip and trip hazards. After all, not only their own life and comfort but also care of so many other lives depends on them. I strongly advocate that all the healthcare facilities must go for slip resistance testing in London and across the UK.

The Indoor Hazards

Damaged floor, warped or uneven surfaces within the healthcare facility premises might lead the employees to stumble, slip, or trip. While entire surface must be considered to be kept in top notch condition, the areas usually call for attention for slip resistance testing in London and across the UK in all healthcare facilities

  • Entrance of the premises
  • Operating theatres
  • Patient rooms
  • Carpeted areas
  • Waiting areas and Hallways

Tips To Keep The Healthcare Indoors Accident Proof

  • Repair or replace carpets that are damaged. Re-stretch the loose carpets. Replace any damaged vinyl or flooring. Fill in all the cracks in the pathways and see that the walkways are safe for your employees, patient as well as visitors.
  • Use caution signs and Create visual cues wherever it is necessary to warn the visitors.
  • Ensure the elevators and floors line up evenly.

Implement the risk assessment strategy to figure out the issues that call for immediate attention. Call for independent slip resistance testing in London and across the UK and ensure you are legally secured with an anti-slip rating. Hire independent slip testing services to use British pendulum skid resistance tester and give you results that will help you come to the most authentic conclusions.