The Horror Of Slip And Trip Injury In Food Industry Continues

Though law compels all the business owners to get anti-slip ratings via pendulum slip resistances test, I had no clue why do people take such huge risk.

When I did go through the entire study of how and why accidents of slip, trip and fall take place in the food and drink industries here is what I found..

The accidents take place because “No Action” is taken to avert them.

  1. The owners believe that there is no serious threat from slip and trip accidents
  2. They are not aware of the cost involved in case someone sues them over a serious slip and trip injury
  3. Some owners believe that slips and trip accidents are inevitable and there is nothing that they can actually do about it
  4. Last but not the least, poor management of the restaurant, bar or hotel premises.

On a serious note: Not only can the slip and trip hazards can be effectively managed, the risk of accidents can be significantly reduced. Not to mention the cost, loss of time and reputation and above all the pain that someone goes through due to you negligence can be totally warded off.

Have you ever considered that not only your employees or your guest are at risk, you are at risk as well?

Especially you because if anyone else gets hurt you would be sued and if you are hurt, well then your business will be hurt on various levels. I guess you know that better than anyone else.

Ponder upon: What would happen if you were hospitalized and have broken bones? What would happen if you are not present in the business premises for a long duration?

As I belong to the same industry and see people go through immense pressure when they are sued, I say you would be doing yourself a big favor if you have a risk assessment program in place.

The top factors that contribute to slip and trip are :

  • Unclean floors
  • Bad footwear
  • Incorrect surface roughness
  • Uneven flooring
  • Improper or loose carpets
  • Not properly maintained walkways
  • Non availability of anti-slip stair nosing
  • Poor floor drainage
  • Unclear visibility of steps and slopes
  • Lethargy in cleaning of spillage of oil, milk, grease, water, any other food items or cleaning substances
  • Use of mobile phones or carrying large and heavy objects while walking
  • Lack of caution signs, etc.

Put in place a risk assessment program in place and execute on regular basis. I will help you figure out how grave is the danger and how soon do you need to act on it.

How difficult can it be to hire independent slip testing services? Pendulum slip resistances test in London and across the UK is a legal requirement. If you look at it closely it is a moral requirement and more so a business investment. Get anti-slip rating for your restaurant, bar or hotel as soon as possible and rest assured that all that can be has been taken care of.