The Horror Of Slip And Trip Injury In Food Industry

The other day, I had just finished conducting pendulum slip resistances test for anti-slip ratings at a bar.  The place was friendly hence I call upon a friend of mine. We decided to catch up after a long time. As I was waiting for him to arrive, I was going through the Slip and trip injury reports of HSE while I sipped my drink..

I was not so much surprised that the accidents of trip and fall take place in the food and drink industries. Slip and trip accidents pretty much happen almost anywhere and everywhere, right?

Well, apparently that is not what the studies say.

I almost felt sick when I read the entire bunch of statistics related slip and trip accidents in food and drink industries. The kind of severity of these slip and fall injuries is often too grave and far beyond imagination.

Here are a few statistics from the food and drink industries for the hotels, bar and restaurant owners to consider:

  • Of all the major injuries more than a third are slip and trip injuries
  • Injuries are often serious, painful and debilitating
  • 95 percent of the major injuries that were caused by slips and trips and reported to HSE had resulted in one or more broken bones
  • The major injuries list comprises of dislocated shoulders, cracked ribs, broken bones, fractured skulls, etc.
  • These injuries more than often lead to hospitalisation
  • All these injuries were reported to have led to at least several days off work
  • There can be no prediction of the amount of seriousness of slip and trip accident and it can even lead to fatal accidents.

The good news is that most of these accidents can be averted by managing the work premises in a proper order.

Wait a minute, if these accidents can be averted, then why do take place so very often. When I dug deep I found that the accidents don’t just happen all the time.

  • Inadequate and improper managed work spaces lead to 75% of the slip injuries
  • Unhygienic and improperly managed work spaces lead to 25% of the trip injuries

And yes, they can be managed and significantly reduced by obtaining anti-slip rating.

It is easy to hire independent slip testing services and get them to conduct pendulum slip resistances test in London and across the UK. If you are a restaurant and or bar owner or you own a hotel, you need to put your thoughts together and think seriously about your guest and employees. Above all you need to think about keeping your reputation and your employees safe. Don’t wait until it is too late and get your anti-slip rating as soon as possible.