How The skid resistance test saved a London based shopping centre

As independent slip testing services in London and a member of UK slip resistance group, we see clients get the skid testing done in London for various reasons. I recall an interesting incident that happened just a few months ago.

While I was at a shopping centre, I overheard a man who appeared to be completely baffled. His words were so angry. His rage had practically turned his face all red. He was standing right in the middle of one of the most crowded shopping centres in London. I am so sure many other would have witnessed his rage and the pathetic situation he appeared to be in.

He was the owner of this shopping centre and he was talking to his Lawyer about how are they again about to lose a case that an employee had filled against the centre. An employee had slipped and tripped near the cafeteria area. While there could be so many reasons of this employee’s accident, he blamed the management for not taking proper care of the safety of the employees.

The employee was in hospital and the owner was already doing his best to take care of the employee. It was obvious from his conversation that they had already been sued earlier as well.

Since it was a matter that I could truly help with, I went over and handed over my cared to the gentleman. He was not much thrilled. However, he agreed to discuss the matter with me as I might be able to help him keep out of the harm’s way for good.

What I learnt was they had already hired an independent slip testing services in London, which gave false positives. The results were dismissed by the court of law and were ALARP. The court considered it as Upper ALARP and regarded it as close to Intolerable Semi-quantitative.

The shopping centre is located in an extremely competitive market space and hence sparing any more funds was bringing them close to closing their doors forever.

I could relate to the issue and we had already had ample of clients who did not know what to do in case of the result is ALARP.

The concept of skid testing in London or slip resistance test in London despite being known to all is not truly understood by each and every independent slip testing services in London.

I would urge you to always look for the members of UK slip resistance group when you hire any independent slip testing services in London for skid testing or slip resistance test in London.