How The skid resistance test saved a London based shopping centre II

I studied the reports that were handed to them by this other independent slip testing services in London who had appointed as Health & Safety Consultants by the senior management of the organisation. However, these Health & Safety Consultants were not a part of the UK slip resistance group. I underlined all the portions that the testing consultant had overlooked during the test. Since the testing services were not really experienced in conducting the skid resistance test in London or anywhere in entire UK, it led to a massive loophole. They had absolutely ignored the slip and trip accidents despite being so affected by such claims..

You need to understand that only independent slip testing services in London who are a part of the UK slip resistance group must be relied upon when you hire any independent slip testing services in London for skid testing or slip resistance test in London.

On an in depth analysis of the requirements of the organisational structure and its requirements we found that the organization wanted to

  • Ensure all legal compliances were met thoroughly
  • Food and safety related issues were as least as possible
  • The cost to company was reduced as much as possible

Here is what we offered them

  • a presentation that covered all the risk factors along with
  • the cost to company and
  • the best practices that the industry has to follow

Owing to a successful understanding of the claims defensibility of the slip and trip accidents (and a few aspects pertaining to other food and safety concerns) the management readily appointed us as their independent slip testing services contractors.

We studied all the previous reports related to the slip and trip claims to understand the problem areas and created a data base that would clearly indicate the root causes of all the slip and trip accidents.  We even did a thorough inspection and formulated a document related to cleaning practices.

Our risk assessment and safety policy based on Health & Safety Executive guidelines provided them a clear direction to follow. Employees were educated on all the aspects including maintaining hygiene and the choice of footwear.

The good news was that the floor test for slip resistance test in London was cleared with flying colours and won the case as well. The managers now have a better understanding of the risks and how it can be minimised. They have a much better documentation procedure now.