How Damages Are Assessed In Slip And Trip Accident Cases

When lawyers get a slip, trip and fall (personal injury case), after reviewing the treatment reports of the plaintiff, they study the similar case and case verdicts.

Usually when a claim is raised due to negligence in maintenance or non availability of anti slip ratings obtained via of the pendulum slip resistance test in London, it calls for a massive compensation on part of the management.

Personal injury compensation is a package that comprises of reimbursement of various real expenses and many intangible circumstances..

Some common damages considered for slip and trip accidents comprise of

  • All the medical expenses including doctor’s fee, cost of medicines, hospitalisation cost and expenses for any additional treatment
  • Rehabilitation cost i.e. cost incurred after the time spent in hospital
  • Cost of any further medical attention required
  • Pain as well as suffering endured and/or would continue to suffer from
  • Fully loss of present and future income
  • Matters are severely grim in case of death, loss of limb, scars that distort appearance or are traumatic
  • Permanent partial, absolute disability of physical or psychological functions
  • Any household expenses or service expenses that the plaintiff is not able to perform as a result of the slip, trip and fall accident
  • Loss of property (damage to any clothing, accessories and gadgets, etc.) that insurance will not reimburse
  • Financial losses incurred by the family member due to care/companionship/guidance required by the injured
  • Funeral expenses
  • Travel expenses

While the injured must meet certain criterion, the “threshold” for the claims, the situation is fairly balanced by negotiations in presence of the lawyers.

If the management/owners of the premises are able to prove that they have taken all the steps necessary to protect, educate, warn and save all those who visit the premises, the case would become fairly strong in their favour.

In case of presence of an anti slip rating obtained via slip testing in London conducted using British pendulum tester by the independent slip testing services based in London and a part of the UK slip resistance group, the case becomes stronger in favour of the management/owners of the premises.

It must be noted that the Pendulum Test Value (PTV) for wet floor received from pendulum slip test equipment must be 36 or above for you to be safe.

In case where the plaintiff was wearing wrong shoes, was under influence of alcohol or drugs or was negligent despite warning or did not seek medical treatment, the damage compensation could be significantly affected.

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