How to avoid slip, trip and fall accidents at any premises

As slip, trip and fall is the reason for more than one third of all the major injuries that have been reported, it is something that must be taken seriously by all the premises owners, irrespective of the type of the premises. 95% of all major slips injuries result in broken bones. Slippery floors are a much serious hazard to anyone present on the premises including your staff as well as the visitors alike..

The necessitate for a formal skid testing in London and across UK for the slippery floors is often ignored; however the risk of slip, trip and fall taking place can be extensively reduced. Slip test certification in London and across UK is an easy and inexpensive way to control find the slip and trip accident prone zones.

How to swiftly understand which areas that need skid testing?

First of all, you need to identify the areas that pose a risk to the visitors of the premises. To begin with, you can identify the locations where such accidents took place in pervious couple of years and mark them on the map of the premises. You can talk to the regular visitors of the premises to understand if they have had any such incidents of “nearly missed” occurrences. Also, make a note if they ever feel that there is a portion of the floor that feels slippery or needs treatment.  Mapping of the threat areas where slips are likely to occur should promptly throw a spotlight on all the surface areas that need attention.

Major culprit of slip and trip accidents

Unless and until the floor is glazed or is of prohibitive standards, it is not likely to be slippery. However, contamination of the floor is one of the major issues that leads to slip, trip and fall accidents. Contamination forms a barrier amid the floor and the sloe of the shoes and reduces the friction to a great extent. Contamination need not necessarily be ‘water’ on the floor; it can be dust, polythene, any other spillage or danger such as grease, ice cream, pens, ball bearings,  etc. It must be noted that contamination can be wet or dry.

Fix the leaks and keep the surface clean at all times. Implement all the required changes in the work routines that lead to floor contamination.

Slip test certification in London and across UK is mandatory and even the lawyers as well as insurance companies recommend skid testing in London and across UK. You should take help of independent slip testing services via UK slip resistance group. Secure your anti slip ratings and stay safe!