Slip Coefficient Testing And Slip Test Certification Across UK

Anti slip ratings via slip test certification in London and across UK has been helping all kinds of property owners in keeping themselves and their visitors safe. In order to understand if your floor needs treatment, it is advisable to conduct slip coefficient testing. Skid resistance testing in London and across UK or slip resistance testing gives you a documented proof via slip test certification in London and across UK.

UK slip resistance group is the official group that property owners trust for independent slip testing services. Slip test certification in London and across UK is provided to the homeowners as well as all other property owners on successful completion of the slip coefficient testing.

To conduct slip coefficient testing the independent slip testing services utilise slip resistance testing equipment. The slip resistance testing equipment is also known as pendulum slip test equipment. As per the law, all property owners must keep their properties safe for all kinds of visitors. The slip resistance test in London and across UK is the only test that is recommended by HSE and recognised in the court of Law.

Slip Test Certification Across UK ensures that you have a documented confirmation that the surface was tested. PTV value of 36 or above is considered safe and proves that the flooring has a safe level of grip.

As and when you conduct BS 7976 test famously known as slip resistance test in London and across UK or pendulum friction test and you receive a value of PTV (Pendulum Test Value) 36 or above then it signifies low risk of slip and fall mishap.

In case your flooring is not safe, you must consider getting it fixed. At times simply replacing the floor is the only option. If the need be to replace the flooring with safe levels. You must take ample of care while replacing the floor surface. Ensure that it meets the legal standards and will not pose a problem to the frictional demands of visitors.

There are a few other slip resistance test offered by independent slip testing services. Please not that the results DIN51130, proprietary tests or DIN51097 need to be treated with trepidation. Pendulum slip resistance test or independent testing of samples to BS 7976 is not an expensive affair however, you must be ready to accept all kinds of results.

Just in case the cost of treatment or replacing the floor is way beyond acceptable, you must ensure that all visitors get on to the floor only after they put on anti-slip footwear or footwear tested to BS EN 13287.

At the end of the day it is the slip resistance that is in the use and is likely with contaminants that determines effectiveness of the anti-slip footwear.

While hiring independent slip testing services ensure that they are a part of UK slip resistance group and ensure that you receive your slip test certification.