Slip Trip and Fall Compensation for Supermarkets without Anti Slip Ratings

Year on year the slip trip and fall accidents are ascending in and around the Supermarkets. To keep the floor hygienic, they keep the mopping process ongoing continually. However, if they would let the contamination of the gloss flooring just be, it would be a bigger risk. Is effort to keep the floor clean enough to ensure safety of the visitors of the premises?

Certainly not! It is mandatory conduct pendulum slip resistance test and to secure a slip test certification from testing resistance services that are a part of the UK slip resistance group.

With the massive amount of goods, services and fabulous discounts that supermarkets offer, they attract consumers and buyers from all walks of like. The convenience of shopping from the corner shop on regular basis has been swapped by weekly procurement of the groceries from the Superstores.

Not only they number of visitors that such massive malls and stores receive, it is also the number of people that they employ, the suppliers and the delivery personals that are on the floors of these supermarkets on regular basis.

Honestly, I find that there are too many people congested in one place especially when it is the time of discount sales or festive seasons. It is obvious that as the number of visitor will increase, so will the contamination of the floor. With contamination of the floor, the number of accidents is likely to increase as well. Hence, it becomes a prime responsibility of all the supermarkets to get an anti-slip rating and keep their flooring safe for all the visitors.

There are just too many factors that can lead to contamination in such supermarkets. Accidently people spill all kind of things. At times the floors are not cleansed to the optimum levels or are still wet when people are walking on the flooring that has just been cleansed. In case you are in a supermarket, and an accident happens, there will be several things for you to consider. If you have been injured in a Supermarket due to a slip, trip or fall accident and desire to claim compensation, then you must

Have a picture if the accident scene; the mobile phones camera proves to be handy in such situations. Photographic evidence proves to be concreter in the court of law.

Immediately contact the store manager and report the incident.

Take names and numbers of all at least a few witnesses. Taking a photograph or names and numbers of the witnesses is the last thing on our mind when we are hurt or when a loved one is hurt. However, justice is not sentimental.

Obviously, the first thing on the mind of a person who is hurt is to get rid of the hurt. Hence, get proper medical examination done and take proper pictures of the places where you have been injured.

Contact a good lawyer and he/she will guide you thoroughly with your case.

If you are a supermarket owner, take a note of it that all the visitors of your premises are your responsibility and hence you must get your anti slip ratings and slip resistance certification done at once.