Contain contamination to avoid slip and fall mishaps (part-ii)

When trying to avoid contamination from causing slip, trip and fall accidents, external factors such as impact of weather cannot be ignored. Skid resistance testing in London and across UK helps all the premises owners in securing anti slip ratings. UK slip resistance group has been helping people via independent slip testing services in achieving anti slip ratings to keep their premises safe for all kinds of visitors..

To keep your premises safe for visitors from slip and fall, you can take a few measures that will make avoid contamination and keep your premises safe.

  • While it is necessary to keep lights not too bright (to avoid glare) or excessively dim, it is recommended to ensure lights a tad bit lesser as people can adjust their vision to a bit dim lights but cannot adjust their vision to glare.
  • Structure a canopy over external doorways to keep the weather related contamination away.
  • Efficient matting on the initial steps/ initial flooring helps keep the contamination from the outside from contaminating the clean premises.
  • In case of heavy rains, the matting is likely to be saturated. Additional temporary matting is a handy option in such cases. However, you must ensure that none of the mats become creased or pose slip and trip hazard.
  • Less obvious factors such as condensation, overly humid environments, chillers or freezers are also potential sources for contamination.
  • In case the contamination of surface is quite frequent, a safe level of floor grip must be ensured despite contamination
  • In case of baby care or elderly care centres including hospitals where the users include very young and old visitors as well as those with lesser agility, in such cases it is imperative to ensure that the flooring is safe to walk on.
  • Carrying heavy load, pushing and pulling on floor increases friction of the floor and hence must be treated accordingly
  • Thorough and deep cleaning has proved to be effective in increasing the slip resistance of the floor.
  • If the floor needs treatment, there are various treatments available that vary in effectiveness. Choose wisely as per you requirement and ensure that the results are long term.

Before employing any kind of floor treatment, it is imperative to have the floor tested for skid resistance or slip resistance. Ensure that you receive secure your anti slip ratings via slip test certification in London and across UK.


We offer slip resistance testing throughout the UK and have our head office in London. Our pendulum slip testing technicians are fully qualified and offer a comprehensive slip resistance testing service across the whole of London. If you require London slip resistance testing or if you are based in London and require some informal advice on the slip resistance of your flooring or surfacing then we can help. All of our pendulum slip test equipment is fully UKAS calibrated and we always condition the rubber sliders before any slip testing is performed in London. Please contact our slip testing head office in Putney, London on 0208 2465562 for further information on our London slip testing services.