How to contain contamination to avoid slip and fall mishaps

Though it is a proven fact that to avoid slip, trip and fall accidents at any premises across Great Britain, skid resistance testing in London and across UK to obtain anti slip ratings is a legal mandate. However the organisations must hire independent slip testing services that are a part of UK slip resistance group in order to do so..

We are looking at a few real issues that can cause slip and trip mishaps and land you in jeopardy.

Contamination is one such issue that you must deal on daily basis.

Containing the Contamination

While the pendulum friction test on wet floor gives you a fir understanding of how safe the floors are, yet to avoid all the possible situations that lead to slip and trip mishaps must be your prerogative.

  • Floors get contaminated with dust, spillage of various liquid and solid things and to a certain extent the trash that shoes carry, etc. Since the contamination of the floor is inevitable, it is obvious that rationally realistic steps must be taken to minimise the impact of contamination on the floor surface to prevent slip and fall.
  • It is important that you consider the actual use of the area as compared to what it was actually built for.
  • If it is possible to rearrange the work process in such a manner that the contamination is minimised and work is optimised, it would be ideal for everyone and must be executed at once.
  • Encourage your office staff and factory workers to be “proactive” towards contamination prevention.
  • Maintain ha healthy cleaning and contamination management regime.
  • Effective Cleansing system to cleanse the dirt and keep the floor profile anti-slippery.
  • Use of proper cleaning chemical and proper amount of cleaning chemicals is vital. Ensure that there is no residue left on floor as it would increase the risk of slip and fall mishaps.
  • It is advisable to implement spot cleaning in the busy areas as the wet cleaning leaves tiny film of water that might reduce the grip of the footwear and lead to slip and fall mishap.
  • Performing a full clean after hours, restricting access to all wet surfaces. Effective anti-slip footwear can further protect cleaning staff from slips.
  • There should be ample (not excessive) of light for the floor and contamination to be clearly visible.
  • Contamination born due to weather changes must be dealt with on immediate basis.

To avoid slip and fall mishaps at any premises across Britain, skid resistance testing in London and across UK works in favour of the owners in case there is a legal slip and fall issue to be dealt with. Securing anti slip ratings is a legal mandate thus, it is recommended to get in touch with independent slip testing services that are a part of UK slip resistance group in order to do so.