Types and uses of different types of tribometers

Tribometer are essential used in manufacturing sector. The main application of a tribometer is to compute tribological quantities.

The tribometer instrument is picked by the specialists for testing the friction strength and the constant friction strength. It helps determine the wear volume between two different surfaces that would rub together. Hence, to determine the friction strength between the floor and footwear, the UK slip resistance group employs tribometers..

Let us understand how the tribometer works:

For example, the pendulum skid tester is placed on the floor and the pendulum device attached to the pendulum skid tester is released to understand the anti slip rating of the floor. The same test is conducted on wet floor to understand what would be the anti slip rating of the wet floor. This test helps the experts from UK slip resistance group understand if the floor is safe for use by the visitors or not.

To conduct the tribometer test in London and across UK, the test is actually conducted 4 times. The tribometer is used on a sample and a measurement is taken. Then the instrument is constantly used to create friction. Now the reading of the friction created flooring and footwear and the readings of the sample that the device measured initially are compared together.

Similarly, a sample test is conducted on the wet floor using the tribometer. Friction is created among footwear and wet flooring and the anti slip ratings recorded.  Now, the results of the sample test and the friction test via tribometer is compared to understand if the floor is safe to use in case it is wet.

It is mandatory for all the property owners to secure the anti slip ratings on the wet floors on annual basis.

The tribometer testing method  helps the specialist study and determine the friction and wear act of various kinds of combination. Tests are conducted using solid materials under contact pressure, unstable temperature, varying times, different velocities and under many different kind of humid conditions and so on.

Types of tribometers

There are various kinds of tribometers. They make of each tribometer differs based on its contact arrangement. The function of creating simulated friction is in sync with the original equipment.

Various kinds of tribometers arrangements include

  • Block on Ring,
  • Bouncing Ball,
  • Four Ball,
  • Pin on Disc,
  • SRV test machine, and
  • Twin Disc

Availability of the “pin on disk” tribometers helps keep people safe from trip and fall accidents.