Slip Testing in Hospitals

Slip testing is carried out in hospitals in order to determine that the hospital flooring meets slip resistance regulations. Hospital slip testing is carried out in accordance with BS 7976 by our qualified hospital slip test engineers. We provide an independent hospital slip testing service and we are able to issue hospital slip test reports within 24 hours following completion of the hospital pendulum slip resistance testing taking place.

Hospital slip testing for The NHS is carried out in both dry and wet conditions and the pendulum is swung in three different swing directions in order to obtain the slip resistance value (PTV) of the hospital flooring. We are able to carry out testing to individual hospital wards, or a full slip testing assessment to an entire hospital.

Hospital slip test reports are UKAS accredited and easy to understand. Our engineers work alongside hospital management to provide useful and informative information throughout the hospital slip testing process.

Slip testing of a hospital ward for The NHS