Tile Slip Testing

Surface Performance Ltd are accredited by UKAS to carry out slip testing of tiles in our laboratory. It is a quick and easy process to send tile samples to our laboratory for slip resistance testing. The tile sample needs to be shipped to our slip testing laboratory and it will then be conditioned for 24 hours at a specific temperature and humidity before slip testing is carried out.

After the tile slip testing has been carried out in our laboratory, a full test report is issued and this can be used as product certification. The test report includes slip testing results for both dry and wet slip testing of the tile and the testing is carried out by fully calibrated equipment and by a slip testing qualified engineer.

We provide tile slip resistance testing services to some of the largest manufacturers in Europe. This ranges from slip testing for bathroom tiles, to the slip resistance testing of tiles used in commercial kitchens and warehouses.

Please contact our slip testing head office on 0208 2465562 if you would like further information about our tile slip testing services.

Slip testing can be carried out to tiles in our accredited laboratory